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Our Mission: Renew Value, Restore Nature, Revive the Senses


Renew Value:

Customer Service: Ninety per cent of our new clients are referrals!

Quality: Our unique design process insures that each garden space incorporates all the needs, tastes, and preferences of our clients into the finished process. Our gardens are architectural extensions of our clients and their homes.

Price: Our design system delivers renderings and blueprints that help the client visualize the finished space at a fraction of the cost of traditional landscape architecture firms.

Restore Nature:

All of our designs place the right plant in the right place reducing maintenance costs, using native plants wherever appropriate, and include low volume irrigation, Stormwater runoff recycling, raingardens, and low voltage lighting where desired.

Revive the Senses:

We incorporate color, texture, sound, and smell into your garden, stimulating and reviving the senses.

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Your natural Choice in Landscaping

GREENER by Design

Your natural Choice in Landscaping

GREENER by Design